IAPHL hosts facilitated discussions about health supply chain logistics on its listserv. Below are summaries of the discussions, with excerpted comments from IAPHL members.

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Moderated Discussion with UNICEF: Technical Assistance and Health Supply Chains

Description: Welcome to the expanded consultation on technical assistance and health supply chains. UNICEF and global partners have been working on developing an approach that can drive collective alignment towards a country-owned, sustainable model of technical assistance (TA) using a continuous improvement approach. The COVID-19 pandemic has made evident the... Read more

Technical areas: capacity building, human resources, policy, rsimon

Digital Innovations and Public Health Supply Chain Solutions

Title: Digital Innovations and Public Health Supply Chain Solutions Description: Globalization and technological advancement are redefining every aspect of humanity at a blinding pace. Their combined impact cuts across all industries and areas of practice. Catalyzed by exponential gains in computing power and access over the past several decades, a... Read more

Technical areas: technology, imker

The Role of Leadership in Advancing Health Supply Chain Accountability in the Public Sector

IAPHL’s first moderated discussion for 2019 began on February 4. The topic is on “The Role of Leadership in Advancing Health Supply Chain Accountability in the Public Sector”. The discussion is being moderated by Innocent Ibegbunam, a supply chain expert with the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program – Procurement... Read more

Technical areas: human resources, performance-based incentives, imker

Quantification of Health Commodities

May-June 2017: A collection of experts led the discussion on the quantification of health commodities. The following topics were moderated by different groups of experts: 1. Country Experiences. Moderated by Wambui Waithaka, regional technical advisor with JSI and Gilbert Mateshi, program manager with Clinton Health Access Initiative. 2. Country Processes and Tools. Moderated by Irene Agyemang, team... Read more

Technical areas: M&E, technology

Drones in Public Health Supply Chains

November-December 2016: Renne Van de Weerdt, senior technical advisor for Reproductive Health Commodities at UNFPA, Jennie Greaney, technical specialist in the Commodity Security Branch at UNFPA and Charles Otine, innovation specialist at UNFPA moderated a discussion on the use of drones, or the preferred term, unstaffed aerial vehicles (UAV), as a... Read more

Technical areas: policy, technology, transport

Using M&E to Drive Supply Chain Improvement

October-November 2016: A collection of global experts led the discussion on how to use data from monitoring and evaluation to guide supply chain strategies, policies, decisions and technical assistance. The following three topics were moderated by different groups of experts: 1. People and process solutions for improved data-driven decision making.... Read more

Technical areas: M&E

Reviewing the Logistical Response from Ebola

August 2016: IAPHL colleagues discussed the Ebola outbreak and how it affected their supply chains. Specifically, how was the Ebola outbreak different from other supply chain challenges such as HIV and AIDS? For chronic and comparatively unchanging diseases, logisticians can plan and develop a static supply chain, but acute outbreaks... Read more

Technical areas: emergency response