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At IAPHL, we believe knowledgeable and empowered public health supply chain operators and managers are central to improving health outcomes and achieving universal health access. Our thousands of association members are leveraging their access to this community of practice to mutually build public health supply chain competencies.
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IAPHL Case Study

Influent SA, an affiliated organization, conducted a case study on IAPHL last year. Click here to learn how moderated discussions, spontaneous member-led discussions, and requests for support have led to IAPHL’s success.  

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Greetings to the IAPHL Membership- November 2019

Greetings to the IAPHL Membership.  As you now know, we are in the process of reorganizing the secretariat for IAPHL.  I have taken on the executive director position and we are still recruiting for our social media expert to join the team.  For those of you able to attend the

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