At IAPHL, we believe knowledgeable and empowered public health supply chain operators and managers are central to improving health outcomes and achieving universal health access. Our thousands of association members are leveraging their access to this community of practice to mutually build public health supply chain competencies.
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IAPHL Blog Article – The Journey to Self-Reliance: What This Means for Public Health Supply Chains

Thanks very much to Liz Igharo for organizing this blog and to Carolyn Hart (one of the people who formulated the initial concept for International Association for Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL)!) for kicking us off with some great reflections on the IAPHL community!  In this second edition of the IAPHL blog, we would

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Now Open: Sponsorship Application Form for the 2019 HHL Conference in Kigali, Rwanda

IAPHL enables people working in public health supply chains, especially in the global south, connect, learn, and succeed. The association envisions a world where strong and well-run supply chains reach all people with life-saving health products and supports logisticians worldwide by providing a forum for members to network, exchange ideas,

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