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At IAPHL, we believe knowledgeable and empowered public health supply chain operators and managers are central to improving health outcomes and achieving universal health access. Our thousands of association members are leveraging their access to this community of practice to mutually build public health supply chain competencies.
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IAPHL Blog Article – Medicine for Your Ears: Four Podcasts for IAPHL Members

Some people listen to music on their smart phones. I listen to podcasts. Lots of them. Probably too many of them. Because there are so many on so many interesting topics… and they’re a great way to fill that time when you can’t pay attention to a screen or read

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Reports of the 2019 IAPHL Sponsorship Recipients

IAPHL sponsored six of its members to attend the Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference which held from July 10 – 11, 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. They posted their daily experiences at the conference to the IAPHL listserv and have written reports to highlight their participation, lessons learned and next steps.

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