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At IAPHL, we believe knowledgeable and empowered public health supply chain operators and managers are central to improving health outcomes and achieving universal health access. Our thousands of association members are leveraging their access to this community of practice to mutually build public health supply chain competencies.
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Webinar Announcement: Gender Equity and Social Inclusion in Global Health Supply Chains

Mainstreaming and integrating gender equity and social inclusion (GESI) issues in health supply chains supports equity and ensures that the supply markets, supply chains and product journeys better meet the needs and preferences of all clients, which ultimately helps improve health outcomes. As work increases to reduce inequities across the

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Ambassadorship Opportunity: Attend the PtD Global Indaba in Lusaka, Zambia (Application Enclosed)

The International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) enables people working in public health supply chains, especially in the global south, to connect, learn, and succeed. The association envisions a world where strong, well-run supply chains reach all people with life-saving health products, and supports logisticians worldwide by providing a

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