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January 24, 2022

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SEMA Reproductive Health – Senior Leadership Opportunities

January 10, 2022

Two senior leadership opportunities with a new organization, SEMA Reproductive Health, that aims to redesign how we approach market shaping in the SRH space with a country- and consumer-focused lens. Along those lines, SEMA is being incubated at Amref (HQ in Nairobi) and the structure includes a country representative in each priority geography. The inaugural leadership team can be based out of Nairobi, another location in Africa, or possibly remote in Europe.

  1. Head of Data & Analytics ¬†– Senior leadership role that will lead SEMA’s data and analytics initiative to identify and assess SRH market problems, inform the design of market interventions, and monitor progress. This position will oversee several staff and manage an investment portfolio to invest/leverage partners in generating, synthesizing, and sharing the data, information and insights with country and global stakeholders.
  2. Head of Markets¬†– Senior leadership role that will lead SEMA’s market strategy efforts to design and execute interventions to improve public and private SRH markets. It will oversee representatives in each of SEMA’s priority countries to guide how SEMA works with country governments and other country stakeholders to align on SRH market problems and coordinate SEMA investments to advance the country market strategy. In addition, it is responsible for (i) working with the Head of Data & Analytics to identify and prioritize market problems that span multiple countries and (ii) driving working groups with stakeholders to collectively design and execute a workplan to tackle SRH market problems.

Job Opportunities at JSI

November 17, 2021

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