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E-Learning Resources

LAPTOP. This database includes more than 650 training opportunities in supply chain management. For more than a decade, LAPTOP has helped students and young professionals identify and pursue educational opportunities and advance their careers.

i+solutions offers short stand-alone courses (introduction to HIV and AIDS and the supply chain management of ARVs; quantification of medicines and health products; and introduction to antimalarials). Participants who complete all lessons, quizzes, and exercises receive an e-badge. Questions and in-depth issues can be further explored through a discussion forum.

Introduction to procurement and supply management. This certificate course was jointly developed by UNDP and Empower School of Health. It describes the importance of PSM in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of life-saving medicines and other health products.

WHO and UNICEF eLearning initiative. This course series provides training in areas considered vital to EPI advancement. It helps immunization professionals align their knowledge and get information about the latest immunization systems and protocols.

Lessons in Logistics Management of Health Commodities. A free interactive online course developed by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT. Just create a login and let the learning begin!

Global Health eLearning Center. Open-access courses related to pharmaceutical management, sponsored by USAID.

Free E-courses developed by UNFPA. UNFPA has developed three e-courses that focus on the procurement of health commodities. The courses are available at no cost and are accessible at any time, offering flexible learning as the system allows users to pause and then resume when it is convenient. This means users do not need to complete the courses in one session. Courses include:

  • Introduction to procurement
  • Ethics in procurement
  • Quality assurance of medicines

Reproductive Health Supply Management and Sustainability. This course was developed by Ipas. Participants must register to access course material.

Short Learning Videos

CommCare Supply mobile logistics toolThis video demonstrates the capabilities of CommCare Supply.

Supportive Supervision of Supply Chain Personnel: This video outlines steps to conduct a supportive supervision visit for facility-level supply chain staff.

Disposing of Unusable Health Commodities: In this short animated video, Lea and George review the basics of pharmaceutical waste disposal from health service delivery points.

CaptureThe Art and Science of ForecastingReceive expert advice on handling data challenges in forecasting health commodity needs for countries and health programs.

Highway to Health: The Delivery Team Topping Up (DTTU) system in Zimbabwe delivers family planning and HIV commodities. DTTU is an automated system that delivers both data and products throughout the supply chain.

12-part video series developed by Arizona State University School of Business: This series provides a detailed and entertaining introduction to supply chain management concepts ranging from integration, measuring performance, and transport.

Quantification for Community Case ManagementSelection of optimal products and routine quantification are critical first steps in ensuring that CHWs have the products they need to provide life-saving services.

Theory of Change: An Effective Tool for Finding Community Supply Chain SolutionsLearn how to apply the theory of change model as a technical and M&E framework to help supply chain managers prioritize and design interventions to improve commodity availability.

7 Habits of a Highly Effective Health Supply Chain Professional: In July 2014, Pamela Steele invited the members of IAPHL to participate in an online discussion on “The Habits of a Highly Effective Health Supply Chain Practitioner.” The outcome of this discussion is summarized in this short video that Pamela developed.

Free Business School Course Materials

Use these free course materials from MIT graduate courses in supply chain management. The format allows you to learn at your own pace and choose topics of interest to you.

Offered course (up-to-date courses also found here):Capture

Introduction to Logistics Systems