August 16, 2016. Download    (PDF,  13.79 MB) Getting Products to People

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As countries provide health products for an expanding number of conditions and economic growth spurs the capacity of the private sector in many countries, public health supply chain managers will need to increasingly engage the private sector.

Getting Products to People explores how supply chains will need to evolve and engage the private sector to respond effectively to a changing landscape, expanding healthcare marketplace, and an increasing demand for health services. This document examines innovative supply chain solutions that can help meet universal healthcare goals.

Achieving supply chain maturity does not imply that supply chains for public health will completely privatize. Rather, health supply chain leaders can serve as stewards for the public good and must guide partners to achieve an ideal balance between the public, commercial, and NGO sectors.

Read this publication to explore some of the effective ways this has been done in the past and a framework for thinking about the many types of private sector engagement we can employ moving forward.