National IAPHL chapters provide opportunities for online and in-person networking and professional development among supply chain professionals at the country level. Regular meetings and activities for country chapter members foster professional fellowship through the exchange of information in supply chain management. Chapters are encouraged to invite industry professionals to chapter meetings to present on topics that are of interest to members. Country chapters also facilitate internship, peer mentorship, and employment opportunities.

Forming a country chapter

Each chapter is considered an international “branch” of IAPHL (the parent organization) and as such, has the same mission and vision as the parent organization. Chapters are required to meet at least twice a year (one meeting must be educational in nature) and to promote activities that are consistent with the mission and vision of IAPHL.

Country chapters

IAPHL Angola


IAPHL Ethiopia



IAPHL Nigeria

IAPHL Tanzania

For more information, contact IAPHL.