IAPHL hosts monthly facilitated discussions about health supply chain logistics on its listserv. Below are summaries of the discussions, with excerpted comments from IAPHL members.

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Health Care Waste Management

On September 2014, IAPHL members discussed best practices for the management of hazardous waste. This conversation was facilitated by Scott Ackerson of SCMS, Kasra Mofarah of Pharmacie et aide Humanitaire, Victoria Masembe of The AIDS Support Technical Assistance Resources, and Nancy Muller of PATH.  The discussion consisted of three parts,... Read more

Technical areas: waste minimization

Maintaining Our Supply Chain Assets

On August 2014, IAPHL members engaged in a lively discussion titled “Maintaining Our Supply Chain Assets.” Members shared experiences and best practices about maintaining a range of supply chain related equipment, including IT equipment, vehicles, basic doors and locks. The discussion was moderated by Clinton de Souza of SCMS, who... Read more

Technical areas: equipment

Toward a Common Definition of “Public Health Supply Chain”

Members discussed their experiences and perspectives on as they collectively discussed an accurate and all-encompassing definition of a “public health supply chain.” This discussion was moderated by Kossivi Agbelenko Afanvi (Ministry of Health, Togo). Original message: Some initial attempts were made to define supply chain in the health care system.... Read more

Technical areas: policy