John T Harris

John Tutu Harris has spent over a decade in Supply Chain/Logistics and is currently the Director Supply Chain Management Unit (SCMU) in the Ministry of Health, Liberia. He joined IAPHL in 2013 and he finds the exchange of supply chain/logistics information among members very useful. He believes that the knowledge... Read more

Bishnu Regmi

As a pharmacist at the College of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital in Nepal, Bishnu and his colleagues struggle to manage a continuous supply of medicine. In addition to the financial constraints that limit their ability to procure items are the drug representatives who influence—not necessarily positively— the prescriptions that doctors write.... Read more

Kunle Oye-Igbemo

Kunle Oye-Igbemo, a solutions architect and manager at GS1 Nigeria, has been working in the public health supply chain sector since 2010. He was introduced to IAPHL in 2016 after a Global GS1 Healthcare Conference, when a discussion warranted his professional input. As a result, he helped moderate the September... Read more

Andy Numbi

Although Dr. Andy Numbi is a member of several international associations, he notes that IAPHL is the only one that “allows frequent regular exchanges and discussions between members on various issues related to opportunities and challenges in the field of health logistics.” Andy is an independent supply chain professional in... Read more

Matthew Attah

Matthew Attah is a team lead for the Procurement and Supply Management project in Nigeria. He first heard about IAPHL in 2012, when he attended a training facilitated by John Snow, Inc. (JSI). Since then, IAPHL has exposed Matthew to many resources, training opportunities, and conferences, including the Global Health... Read more

Dagim Damtew Mengistu

Dagim Damtew Mengistu is a logistics officer at the Ministry of Health in Ethiopia. The wide scope of public health supply chain is the most interesting thing he has learned from being a member of IAPHL. He learned about IAPHL when he was taking training on pipeline software given by... Read more

Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown is director and consultant of Andrew N. Brown Health System Stregthening Pty Ltd. He was introduced to IAPHL through colleagues at the People that Deliver initiative in 2011. Andrew’s favorite aspect of being an IAPHL member is hearing about supply chain professionals in various countries cope with challenges. Andrew has been... Read more

Abel Livingi

Abel is a pharmacist who works for the Ministry of Health in Zambia. He has been working in supply chain and logistics for more than six years. What he enjoys most about working in public health supply chains is the ability to solve problems that initially seem complicated. Also, it... Read more

Peter Ward

Peter is a PhD student at University of Warwick from the UK and has been working as a supply chain and logistics professional for over 10 years. He started consulting on agricultural supply chain challenges in Ghana, moved to health supply chains in Tanzania, then mineral supply chains in DR Congo,... Read more

Olivia Reyes

Olivia Reyes is a senior associate at Rabin Martin in the U.S., and has been immersed in supply chain projects since 2011. As a product innovation specialist with a focus on reproductive and maternal health, the IAPHL listserv has increased her knowledge of logistics considerations for new product development, and for... Read more