Peter is a PhD student at University of Warwick from the UK and has been working as a supply chain and logistics professional for over 10 years. He started consulting on agricultural supply chain challenges in Ghana, moved to health supply chains in Tanzania, then mineral supply chains in DR Congo, then to health supply chains in Zambia. Peter’s PhD is focused on researching how supply chain can contribute to making medicines easier to consume in sub-Saharan Africa.

Peter enjoys making a difference in the lives of the people in the developing world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. His biggest challenge as a researcher is shaping the messages emerging from his research into a form that pharmaceutical manufacturers can understand and respond to. He has some great data from interviews he has performed across Africa, but to make a difference it has to resonate with manufacturers

IAPHL provides the ability to keep engaged in the ongoing discussions that are most important to supply chain specialist. Whether it is best practices for finding talent, effective use of supply chain data, or getting details on the next GHSCS, Peter has found it an essential source of information in the public health sector.

Peter Ward