Abel is a pharmacist who works for the Ministry of Health in Zambia. He has been working in supply chain and logistics for more than six years.

What he enjoys most about working in public health supply chains is the ability to solve problems that initially seem complicated. Also, it warms his heart to know that he helps patients get their medications.  A big challenges to this is inconsistent availability of resources. At any given time there may be shortages of staff, finances, transport, and commodities themselves.

Abel learned about IAPHL at a training on essential medicines organized by the USAID| DELIVER PROJECT. Abel says “From being a member of IAPHL, I have learned the importance of looking at challenges and their solutions holistically. Some seemingly simple problems may be actually complex, needing more than the obvious solutions. At  other times, problems that seem complex may simply require basic solutions.” IAPHL allows Able to learn how others overcome common challenges and tailor their solutions to his country’s context.

Abel Livingi