Kunle Oye-Igbemo, a solutions architect and manager at GS1 Nigeria, has been working in the public health supply chain sector since 2010. He was introduced to IAPHL in 2016 after a Global GS1 Healthcare Conference, when a discussion warranted his professional input. As a result, he helped moderate the September IAPHL discussion, An Introduction to Barcoding: Reading between the Lines.

Kunle marvels that at IAPHL, “No one is left out in the online platform, which breaks all barriers…it is informative, brightening, and enlightening!”

The biggest challenge to Kunle’s work is the lack of public health supply chain standards in his home country. Discussions at IAPHL expose him global supply chain standards, services, and solutions, which Kunle promotes to improve supply chain efficiency and patient safety in Nigeria. Best of all, IAHPL exchanges are not one-directional. “I realise that not only do I learn from others, but they learn from me as well.”

Kunle Oye-Igbemo