Advocating for iSC in SE Asia

Over the last week of October, more than 10 IAPHL  members attended a meeting in Kathmandu . The meeting was co-hosted by WHO’s Southeast Asia Regional Office and UNICEF’s Regional Office for South Asia, focusing on immunization supply chain (iSC) strengthening. At the opening session, IAPHL representative Chris Wright talked... Read more

Highlights from TechNet

Seventy-three IAPHL members attended the 15th TechNet Conference in Cascais, Portugal, October 16-20. Themes included: Continuous everything. Continuous improvement is a mainstay of immunization programs and supply chain management. But the conversations during the week highlighted the need for continuous everything—working together to improve immunization supply chains (iSC), building capacity to manage... Read more

2017 IAPHL Advisory Group Meeting

IAPHL held its annual advisory group meeting on September 25th. The group, which comprises representatives from donor and partner organizations, reviewed and finalized IAPHL’s multi-year strategy. The operations team presented the association’s activities over the past year and the draft workplan for the coming year. Beginning in 2018, the IAPHL... Read more

IAPHL Welcomes Elizabeth Igharo

Elizabeth Igharo became IAPHL’s executive director in July of 2017. Elizabeth is an accomplished public health development leader who has more than 15 years of experience in supply chain management of medicines and medical supplies in immunization campaigns, reproductive health, tuberculosis, and malaria as well as maternal and newborn health programs.... Read more


Over the 10 years since its inception, IAPHL has evolved in ways that have exceeded the expectations of its founders. By 2014, IAPHL had attracted 1,661 members. By 2017, the association had added 2,333 members, for a total of 4,285 members today. Its reach has broadened to include supply chain... Read more

Vous êtes envité…to join the Beninese Logistician’s Association!

En prélude à la célébration de son dixième anniversaire d’existence et la mise en oeuvre d’ambitieux projets en 2017, l’Association des Logisticiens Béninois (AsLoB), point focal en Afrique francophone IAPHL et membre de plusieurs autres organisations nationales et internationales de logistique, lance un appel à adhésion du 14 Février au... Read more

Member update survey–don’t wait!

IAPHL is updating its membership database to better meet the needs of existing & new members. Please take three minutes to complete the survey! Current members click here to complete the member update survey. Not yet a member? Join here first!... Read more