Over the 10 years since its inception, IAPHL has evolved in ways that have exceeded the expectations of its founders. By 2014, IAPHL had attracted 1,661 members. By 2017, the association had added 2,333 members, for a total of 4,285 members today. Its reach has broadened to include supply chain... Read more

Vous êtes envité…to join the Beninese Logistician’s Association!

En prélude à la célébration de son dixième anniversaire d’existence et la mise en oeuvre d’ambitieux projets en 2017, l’Association des Logisticiens Béninois (AsLoB), point focal en Afrique francophone IAPHL et membre de plusieurs autres organisations nationales et internationales de logistique, lance un appel à adhésion du 14 Février au... Read more

Member update survey–don’t wait!

IAPHL is updating its membership database to better meet the needs of existing & new members. Please take three minutes to complete the survey! Current members click here to complete the member update survey. Not yet a member? Join here first!... Read more

IAPHL members meet in Tanzania

The IAPHL side meeting at the Global Health Supply Chain conference was attended by 72 people from countries including Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Botswana, Fiji, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, and Namibia. Andrew Brown opened the meeting with a presentation of IAPHL’s vision and strategies for... Read more

Letter from our Executive Director Andrew Brown

Greetings, Colleagues: If you’re an IAPHL member and you’ve signed up for email updates, you probably already know me. For those of you who don’t, allow me to introduce myself—I’m Andrew Brown, and I’ve been the executive director of IAPHL since February 2016. I’m a pharmacist by training, and I’m... Read more

Looking at the Past to Improve Our Future

On Tuesday, February 3rd, IAPHL began a discussion titled Looking at the Past to Improve Our Future, which focused on the experiences and reflections that members share regarding the changes and improvements they have witnessed in their supply chains over the past years. In the process, members came to a better understanding of the progress... Read more

IAPHL at the 8th Annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit

In 2015, IAPHL has sponsored 8 members to attend the 8th Annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit (GHSCS) in Dakar, Senegal. IAPHL’s sponsored participants included Dagim Mengistu (Ethiopia), David Nyarko (Ghana), Mohamed Musa (Sudan), Adam Rassa (Tanzania), Onojo Otowo (Nigeria), Biayi Franck  (DRC), Celestino Kuchena (Zimbabwe) and Zahran Hamad (Zanzibar). Participants are... Read more

Introducing “Warehouse In Box”

To enhance accessibility to medicine and other health commodities across the nation, the United States Government and the federal government are collaborating to strengthen Nigeria’s national drug warehousing system. Read full article... Read more