By Alan Giron on November 13th, 2019

Greetings to the IAPHL Membership.  As you now know, we are in the process of reorganizing the secretariat for IAPHL.  I have taken on the executive director position and we are still recruiting for our social media expert to join the team.  For those of you able to attend the GHSC Summit in Johannesburg, I am hoping to meet many of you and possibly have an informal get together for old and new members.

For those who do not know me, here is a little bio:

Walter Proper currently is the Director of Field Support for the Advancing Partners and Communities project managed by JSI.  Most recently he held the position of Director, Public Health Task Order on the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT.  He served for 7 ½ years as the Zambia country director for the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT, SCMS, and JSI Logistics Services projects.   He has been working on improving public health systems for more than twenty-five years.  In this endeavor, he has worked extensively in the areas of HIV & AIDS, Reproductive Health, TB, Malaria and Essential Medicine Systems improvement. Mr. Proper’s work experience includes more than 25 years as senior manager and supervisor of multicultural teams; more than 30 years as a skilled capacity building and organization development advisor/facilitator; more than 25 years as a skilled public health logistician, and 30 years extensive experience in program and strategic planning, including collaborating and partnering with governments, NGOs, private sector entities, donors, and academic institutions.

Mr. Proper has presented on Supply Chain topics at international forums, conducted courses for international organizations such as GFATM and the WB, as well as for graduate school programs at George Washington, Columbia, Boston and Tulane universities.  Mr. Proper has direct work experience with more than 30 countries.  He has been an early member of IAPHL, has provided senior management oversight to the organization, and has served on the IAPHL Advisory Group.  Mr. Proper is also a People that Deliver Board member.




Greetings to the IAPHL Membership- November 2019