June 2024 Community Highlights: We are almost at midyear already!

We are almost at the midpoint in the year 2024. It's a great time to reflect on our progress and look forward to exciting opportunities ahead.  Last month, our community engaged in vibrant discussions on several crucial topics, including warehouse assessment, SOPs for warehouse management, inventory management, research topics and publication and health product regulation. Your insights and shared resources are invaluable. Below is a recap of some resources shared. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need further information about the resources, training opportunities or the upcoming webinars. Best regards and happy month of June. ... Read more

May 2024 Community Highlights: Happy International Workers Day!

Happy  International Workers' Day to us all!  As we start the month in celebration, we would like to honor the hard work and dedication of workers worldwide. We appreciate you all for your efforts as supply chain workers, ensuring medicines reach the people who need them and your contribution to ensuring global well-being.... Read more

April 2024 Community Highlights: learn, grow, and empower your community!

The exciting month of March has ended. Meeting IAPHL members, partners, and the health supply chain community at the Global Indaba 2024 was a pleasure. Key takeaways from the conference will be shared throughout the month. So stay tuned and feel free to share your inputs from the Global Indaba 2024 to be included in the May IAPHL magazine issue.  Now, looking ahead to April, we have compiled key highlights and resources shared by the community that you might have missed. We are happy that our community is a platform for empowerment as we strive to provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive professionally.  Wishing you all a fantastic April filled with growth, learning, and success.... Read more

IAPHL COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS / March 2024: PtD Global Indaba 2024 Edition!

As we step into March, the Global Indaba 2024 is right around the corner! IAPHL will host an open session on Friday, March 8 at the Global Indaba in Bangkok, Thailand. It will be an opportunity to connect and engage with members, partners, and peers from the health logistics global supply chain.  For those attending the INDABA conference, we've compiled all the essential information you need to know in the highlights below.In addition to the Global Indaba excitement, let us also take a quick look back at February activities -The webinars, the Listserv, and job opportunities that were shared within the community throughout the month. Welcome to a fantastic March filled with learning, networking, and growth. We look forward to meeting you in Bangkok!... Read more


We are shifting these monthly messages from “Notes from the ED’s Desk” to “Community Highlights” and these messages will now come from me, Natty Kokolo, your dedicated community manager.  As we say goodbye to the first month of the year, it is with great enthusiasm — and an English/French dictionary by my side! — that I put together for you this list of upcoming IAPHL developments and activities.  Happy February, ... Read more

From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: JAN 2024

Welcome to 2024! Before delving into the hopes and aspirations for the new year, I would like to pause and appreciate everyone of you for a fabulous 2023. I thank you all for your unrelenting contributions to our individual and collective growth throughout the year 2023.... Read more

From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: Dec 2023

It is a productive practice for us to take some time to sit back and take stock as the year runs to an end. This is a good practice both at a personal and organizational level. I know some of us might have started or even concluded the process of taking stock for 2023 and the planning for 2024.... Read more

From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: Nov 2023

Welcome to November!Sitting on my desk and looking through the window daily, I have had the pleasure of watching a three-story building raised from the ground up. I have seen several different workers bringing their crafts to bare and pouring in their sweat. As I reflect, I found some common threads between the building and our community & our ecosystem. So, I invite you to reflect with me. I ask you, how do you categorize the workers on the construction site? Who is more important (Bricklayer, Project Manager, Welder, etc.) and why? What are your thoughts?... Read more


This is the second edition of the IAPHL Magazine. We are grateful for the time you committed to reading, listening to and sharing the contents of the first edition. ... Read more

From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: October 2023

Thank you to everyone for your contributions to the community (in the forms of writing, speaking, reposts, comments and listening) through the month of September. I also recognise the different contributions we are all making  in our work enhancing our health systems across different countries and regions.... Read more