By NattyStelle Kokolo on August 2nd, 2023

Distinguished Colleagues,

Thank you for your continued execution in your different places of assignment and your commitment to continuous learning and knowledge sharing within our community.
I am happy to share the July updates with you because the community is thriving with engagement and we had another first.
Few of these updates are as below.
  • IAPHL Magazine. In July we produced the first IAPHL Magazine, a very beautiful piece. As approved in the workplan, this is a quarterly publication to hear and share from members and disseminate best practices across the globe. Read the IAPHL Magazine here and share your thoughts.
  • IAPHL-Empower. On July 6th, IAPHL co-hosted a well-attended webinar with Empower School of Health on the topic Data Analytics in Health Supply Chain. Part 2 is scheduled for August 10th to complete the series (link will be shared later).
  • Technical Calendar: We have prepared a calendar for our scheduled technical engagement from July to December 2023 as shown below. This will be available on the calendar module on the IAPHL website later this month.


Date (Tentative) Partners Resource Persons Theme Format
July 6 Empower Philip, Gladness, Andy Data Analytics and Health Supply Chain Webinar
August 10 Empower again Philip, Gladness, Andy Data Analytics and Health Supply Chain Webinar
August 31 GS1 Nuran, Umaru, NRA Track and Trace in Supply Chain Quality Assurance Webinar-Moderated Discussion
September 29 Dr. Bahman Rostami-Tabar et al Laila, Barry, Authors Book review: Demand Forecasting for Executives and Professionals Webinar-Moderated Discussion
October 13 Project Last mile PLM et al 10-year experience leveraging private sector SC, Lesson learnt. Webinar/ moderated discussion
November 3 Townhall meeting – full members Secretariat, Council Chairs Community Round Anglephone and Francophone
November 24 SAPICS, JnJ Paulette – GPH supply chain Africa – Medical devices Supply Chain of Medical Devices Webinar
December 15 IAPHL Ambassadors at GI2022 Ambassadors, Dominique Global Indaba 2024 Webinar-Moderated Discussion
Spontaneous Technical Discussion. I have watched with excitement the very fascinating technical exchanges around the supply chain and quality assurance on the listserv and I want to use this opportunity to celebrate the author, Mohammad Asif Yari for initiating this very important engagement. Building upon this important discourse, we have held a Spontaneous Technical Panel moderated by Johnnie Amenyah to move the conversation forward.
If you have missed the panel, please re-watch it or share it with your colleagues, using this link: IAPHL Spontaneous Panel: Quality Assurance in Supply Chain – YouTube
As you go about your duties in the month with the rising temperature around the world, please remain safe and get enough water and rest. Again, take delight in reading and sharing the IAPHL Magazine.
Happy New Month!

Omole, Timilehin

Executive Director, IAPHL
From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: August 2023