By NattyStelle Kokolo on April 1st, 2024

Dear IAPHL Community,

The exciting month of March has ended. Meeting IAPHL members, partners, and the health supply chain community at the Global Indaba 2024 was a pleasure.

Key takeaways from the conference will be shared throughout the month. So stay tuned and feel free to share your inputs from the Global Indaba 2024 to be included in the May IAPHL magazine issue.

Now, looking ahead to April, we have compiled key highlights and resources shared by the community that you might have missed.

We are happy that our community is a platform for empowerment as we strive to provide you with the tools, resources, and support needed to thrive professionally.

Wishing you all a fantastic April filled with growth, learning, and success.


IAPHL Community Manager

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PtD Indaba 2024: Reflections from ED

The PtD Global Indaba brought together about 250 Health and Humanitarian supply chain professionals from about 60 countries in Bangkok with the theme; ‘‘The supply chain workforce: Solutions to transform health supply chains’’.

As we continue to integrate the learnings into the work we do, here are some reflections from the ED.

  1. People. People remain central to the effective running of the supply chain of health commodities across the globe.

  2. Motivation. Skills, Staffing, Working Conditions, and Motivation are pathways to the professionalization of the supply chain workforce according to the PtD framework.

  3. Collective Leverage. On the last day of the conference, the International Association for Public Logisticians, IAPHL guided the participants to imagine the workforce of the future together.

Read more

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Health Logistics in Humanitarian Newsletter

Check out the Health Logistics in Humanitarian Newsletter and keep updated on developments from the Building Capacity to Improve Pharmaceutical and Medical Commodity (PMC) Management in Humanitarian and Disaster Settings Program and from the humanitarian logistics community.

Since 2018, this series of projects has improved the capacity of people managing health supply chains in humanitarian crisis settings and helped staff from international organizations and local NGOs by equipping them with training, guidance, resources, and follow-up support.

More information. 

Temperature-sensitive health products in the Expanded Programme on Immunization cold chain

Find here a WHO-UNICEF joint statement encouraging greater health commodity supply chain integration for temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals where appropriate.

Download the document.

Compass Initiative: Manufacturing Landscape Assessment for Maternal Health Supplies in Sub-Saharan Africa Report

Check out this report from the Reproduction Health Supplies Coalition providing a detailed analysis of the availability and sources of the five MH products in SSA. The data collected offers insights into the sources of the products, the regional manufacturers, and the strength and dosage of each registered MH product within the region.

Download the document

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BroadImpact seeking consultants in Africa

BroadImpact is actively seeking professionals to join its consultant network across African countries for upcoming opportunities.

BroadImpact, established in 2016, is an international development and management consulting firm with extensive expertise that includes strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation, research, quality improvement, organizational development, and knowledge management services.

Fill out the form.

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program is designed to bring together the many diverse industries and professions that influence health and well-being including, but not limited to: art, law, business, academia, medicine, government, journalism, social enterprise, research, media, housing, and health care delivery.

Fellows will be selected based on demonstrated commitment in the area of health equity and leadership potential. The program will build and support a group of global, multidisciplinary leaders equipped with the technical knowledge, skills, and network to advance health equity in their organizations and communities.

Application closes on April 11, 2024. 

More information.

Call for Papers: 6th African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ACOSCM) 

The Kühne Foundation, LEARN Logistics (formerly LEED) in conjunction with the Global Technology Solutions: Logistics Institute of Central Asia (LICA), will host the 6th African Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (ACOSCM) with the key theme:  “Rethinking the future Supply Chain: The Need to rapidly Re-design Supply Chains in an Era of man-made and natural Extremes”

Please submit your manuscript abstract through latest by 1st May 2024

Supply Chain Excellence Awards

The 2024 Africa Supply Chain Excellence Awards are a celebration of innovation, resilience, and excellence in the supply chain industry.

Apply for your organization to be recognized for its outstanding contributions to the world of supply chain management. The entries Deadline extended to the 12th of April 2024

Application form.

Executive Master of Health Logistics and Supply Chain Management (HLSCM)

Take advantage of the Executive Master of Health Logistics and Supply Chain Management (HLSCM) from The University of Lagos Business School (ULBS).

More information

Free Supply Chain Management Course for frontline health heroes

Empower School of Health, in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, East, Central, and Southern Africa College of Nursing, and EPN – Ecumenical Pharmaceutical Network, is committed to fortifying healthcare efficiency in East, Central, and Southern Africa.

Dive into 13 FREE SCM courses designed to empower you! Every course you conquer equals 1 CPD point, and with 13 courses, you’ll gain 13 CPD points.

Enroll now

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Trends and the Future Webinar series

Discover the Workforce Strengthening Performance Management Toolkit by Project Last Mile, with funding from USAID. Designed to support healthcare workers in Africa to improve how they deliver essential medicines to patients. It’s been introduced in Rwanda and Togo, with a second phase planned.


  • Rebecca Turner, USAID

  • Karin Remmelzwaal, Project Delivery Manager, Project Last Mile

  • Jonathan Halse, Route-to-market SME, Project Last Mile

  • Heidi Lamont, Human Resource SME, Project Last Mile

Register now

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