By NattyStelle Kokolo on May 1st, 2024

Dear IAPHL Community,

Happy  International Workers’ Day to us all! 

As we start the month in celebration, we would like to honor the hard work and dedication of workers worldwide. We appreciate you all for your efforts as supply chain workers, ensuring medicines reach the people who need them and your contribution to ensuring global well-being.

As we continue through May, let’s support and promote health supply chain initiatives, build efficiency and reach more people with life-saving commodities and services through our expertise.

Please find some key highlights and resources shared by the community throughout the month and some updates you can look forward to.

We are wishing you all a fulfilling and productive month ahead!


IAPHL Community Manager


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The 4th edition of our IAPHL magazine is now live. This edition is a special focus on the Global INDABA 2024, with Insights from our ambassadors and a report on the IAPHL open session. Please find the link here

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Last Mile Delivery Workforce Strengthening Performance Management Toolkit -PLM

The toolkit is a PDF document that was developed by Project Last Mile (PLM) and USAID and can be found online in both English and French: Workforce Strengthening Performance Management Toolkit | PLM It is accompanied by tools in Word and Excel that can be used to implement practices in the toolkit. 



The Logistics System Assessment Tool (LSAT), one of two data-gathering tools (with the Logistics Indicators Assessment Tool) developed by the DELIVER project, is used to assess a logistics system and the system’s environment. The LSAT, a diagnostic and monitoring tool, can be used to complete an annual assessment as an integral part of the work planning process. The information collected using the LSAT is analyzed to identify issues and opportunities and, from those, used to outline further assessment and/or appropriate interventions. 


Human resource planning for implementing health supply chain information systems -PtD

This guidance document provides recommendations to country governments and implementing partners to improve human resource capabilities for the management of supply chain information system (SCIS) implementations.

Digital transformation in health supply chains has the power to improve public health systems through the provision of tools to guide decision-making, planning, and data management. By focusing on aligning the skills of human resources alongside fast-evolving technology, countries can ensure the effective utilization of digital tools being implemented for supply chains. 


Manufacturing MH supplies in Africa -Results from landscape assessment – by RHSC  


USP and RHSC conducted a landscape analysis to assess the demand for and manufacturing capacity of five essential MH commodities in eight countries across Africa. 

Find related resources as follows:


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CMCOMMS Medical Logistics Practitioner Training Program

The CMCOMMS Medical Logistics Practitioner Training Program is a practical competence-based continuous professional development program combining the disciplines of Medical Logistics, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Quality Assurance and Good Practices.

The training program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to handle medical cargo throughout the supply chain in line with Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP), thereby building quality into the product.

Special offer of 50% Scholarship for IAPHL members

Registration link :


– Registration and payment from 5 April to 20 May 2024

– Course begins on 24 May 2024




Assessment Lead – National Supply Chain Assessment – Panagora Group (Philippines)


Panagora Group is a social enterprise dedicated to providing high-quality, high-impact international development, global health, and learning consulting. 

Panagora Group seeks a short-term technical consultant who will serve as the technical lead in the design and implementation of the NSCA. The assessment is expected to be carried out between May and October 2024. 

The position will report to the PIMMELA Senior Health and Learning Specialist 


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May 2024 Community Highlights: Happy International Workers Day!