By NattyStelle Kokolo on June 7th, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

It feels great to be writing to you again. The month of May has been both busy and amazing for us at the secretariat. I also believe that you had a great time at your different places of work delivering value that ably represents the excellence we stand for as a community.
In this letter, I’d like to highlight the Vision of the IAPHL and invite each member to take a moment to zoom in on the vision –A world where strong and well-run supply chains reach all people with life-saving health products. As you take a closer look at the vision, please notice how important and huge the responsibility is and take pride in the fact that regardless of where you are, you are a significant force in achieving this vision. This is our why and we are committed to it!
The path toward the vision requires that we continue to connect, learn and share knowledge as a community. Our analysis of the month of May reveals that IAPHL members’ engagement rate went a notch higher than the industry standard. This is good news and I am grateful that you all brought in your quota by contributing to the learning and sharing that happens across the different channels. Let us keep the ball rolling!
In this vein, I would like to recognise Mr Peter Dickson Balami for his outstanding contribution to the listserv for the month of May. Peter Initiated the discussion –“Data Quality Audit on Pharmacy specific data” on the listserv this month and it generated the highest level of engagement and learning in the course of the month. Thank you, Peter and everyone who contributed in one way or the other.
At the Secretariat, beyond the routine, the priority in the month of May was the development of the IAPHL Global Workplan. We have been working with a dedicated subcommittee from the Governing Council and the chapter leads (guided by the IAPHL 3-Year Strategy) to deliver on this. The workplan is now at its final stage to be presented tomorrow (June 2) to the Governing Council for approval. More on this in the July letter.
Finally, I leave you with the question: In what way(s) can you/we enhance our journey to a supply chain that reaches people in the most difficult places with life-saving commodities? I am eager to hear your thoughts or experience, please share.
Welcome to June!

Omole, Timilehin

Executive Director, IAPHL
From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: June 2023