By NattyStelle Kokolo on July 4th, 2023

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great excitement that I share with you in this month’s edition. A half of the year is behind us already and the second half promises to be even more exciting and rewarding. Below are a few pointers to the different engaging events and activities for the second half.
Workplan Approved. I am happy to announce that the Governing Council has approved the IAPHL Global Workplan 2023-2024. This is an important document that would guide the implementation of the 3-year Strategic Plan. The focus of the 16-Budget Line workplan is around the 3 strategic goals of the strategic plan; a. Organization & Governance, b. Chapter Development and c. Members Engagement and Development. I would like to thank the Governing Council and Chapter Council for working with the secretariat to achieve this over the last two months.
Thank you, HCL. In the month of June, we also recognize the tools, resources and engagement generated by Anabella Sanches and the HCL sub-group around best practices in humanitarian logistics. Let’s keep the energy and engagement to ensure we are continuously learning and sharing knowledge.
July. With the approval of the workplan (June 2023-September 2024), execution begins this July as listed below.
  1. IAPHL Newsletter: This is one of the budget line items approved in the workplan. This month we will publish a quarterly newsletter covering April-June 2023 and share it for your review and feedback. I, therefore, request that you reach us for content you would like us to feature in the publication.
  2. Technical Engagement: We shall be working on a calendar of technical engagements for the remaining months of the year. This will include Webinars, Moderated Discussions, Panels and others. In this vein, I will be moderating a webinar hosted in collaboration with one of our sponsors (Empower School of Health) on July 6 on the topic, Role of Data Analytics in Healthcare Supply Chain Management. Remember to register here and let us engage the topic.
  3. Funding: The required funding for the workplan is many times more than the available funding currently. While implementation has begun with available funding, we shall take specific steps to leverage different partnerships.
As we proceed in the second ‘half’ of the year, you still have another six months to achieve your personal and professional goals for 2023. I encourage us all to be intentional in taking specific steps, be committed to the purpose, and remain optimistic. You’ve got all it takes, go get it!

Omole, Timilehin

Executive Director, IAPHL
From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: July 2023