We are pleased to share with you the IAPHL quarterly Workforce Development article review. In this review, we focused on a broad spectrum of opportunities and challenges affecting supply chain workforce. These articles include technology, pharmaceuticals, public health, and leadership.

In this review, there is a range of topics across the Workforce Development and Supply Chain landscape.

1. The Journal of the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin: “Managing Pharmaceutical Waste – What Pharmacists Should Know.” The author, Charlotte A. Smith, defines the various categories of hazardous waste, and following the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines, recommends strategies to properly dispose of pharmaceutical waste.

2. International Journal of Nanomedicine: “Nanomedicine: Promises and Challenges for the Future of Public Health.” This article discusses the opportunity medicine has with accepting Nanomedicine as new delivery system to improve health outcomes. However, does Nanomedicine pose new challenges for the public health community – read the article to find out.

3. HBR Journal Article: “Anxiety as a Public Health Issue.” As COVID-19 continue to evolve, how much stress, anxiety, and other emotional health issues had on society. This article discusses societal impacts and ways to mitigate anxiety, depression, and PTSD relates health issues.

4. HBR Journal Article: Research: “How Technology Could Promote Growth in 6 African Countries.” This article examined six African countries, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Africa, and based on the research, the adoption of digital technology, such as broadband, digital payments, digital hubs, less internet blocking, and a reliable power supply, according to the author, these countries have the potential to increase market and employment opportunities.

5. HBR Journal Article: “The Leader as Coach.” Are you a leader or a coach, do you lead, coach or mentor? If you’re a current manager, or you’re looking to join the management ranks, this article provides excellent tips to be successful as a leader.

6. HBR Journal Article: “Smart Cities Are Going to Be a Security Nightmare.” How safe are our cites with all the interconnected technology? This article examines the vulnerability of our cites if security is not a top priority.

7. HBR Journal Article: “How Low and Middle-Income Countries Are Innovating to Combat Covid.” This article discusses how Low to middle income countries are being innovative to combat COVID-19.

8. ADB Briefs: “Strong Supply Chains Transform Public Health.” This article discusses the importance of having an efficient and effective supply chain, supports healthy populations and regional health security.

9. Research Gate: “Can you grow your supply chain without skills? The role of human resource management for better supply chain management in Latin America.” This article examines the importance of have a well trained supply chain workforce to enable organizational growth, employee satisfaction and development.

IAPHL Quarterly Workforce Development Article Review – September 2021

IAPHL Quarterly Workforce Development Article Review – September 2021

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