We are pleased to share with you the 1st ‘IAPHL quarterly Workforce Development article review’. In this review, we focused on a broad spectrum of opportunities and challenges affecting supply chain workforce. These articles include technology, and human resources. 

In this review, there is a range of topics across the Workforce Development and Supply Chain landscape.

1. HBR Journal article: New Supply Chain Jobs Are Emerging as AI Takes Hold (hbr.org) This article takes a look at the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it’s impact on supply chain management. The question that supply chain professionals must answer, will there be a collaboration between humans and machines to deliver superior levels of sustainability and service?

2. HBR Journal Article: Why Your Mentorship Program Isn’t Working (hbr.org) This article explores the causes of failing mentorship programs and suggested steps to have a successful program. 

3. HBR Journal Article: The Post-Pandemic Rules of Talent Management (hbr.org) As COVID-19 transitions to a post pandemic, the rules of the traditional work place will change for the better or not. There will be a new way of working for everyone, Will this change affect equality, family, compensation, productivity and social / emotional status. This article takes a look the potential post pandemic rules of the workplace.

4. HBR Journal Article: To Better Train Workers, Figure Out Where They Struggle (hbr.org) As corporations spends millions on training workers, successfully or unsuccessfully, this article suggest, before you train your workers, corporations need to figure out where current and incoming workers struggle.


IAPHL Quarterly Workforce Development Article Review – June 2021

IAPHL Quarterly Workforce Development Article Review – June 2021

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