Mrugank Modiya works as a senior supply chain analyst with Logistimo India Private Limited. He started his career in Supply Chain/Logistics after he completed his Masters in Industrial Engineering and today he has over 10 years’ experience in Supply Chain/Logistics. He enjoys the process of solving challenging supply chain problems.

Mrugank heard of the association from colleagues and thought of IAPHL as a great platform to stay updated and be in touch with the larger health supply chain community across geographies. He decided to join IAPHL and says, “The expertise available for any supply chain related advice is one of the most useful aspect of the IAPHL membership”

He participated actively in the supply chain system design for immunization supply chains game which was developed by JSI, SNTL Publishing and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and promoted on the IAPHL listserv. He played the game over 30 times, getting more than 70% of the answers correct the first time and emerged as a winner with highest average score.

Mrugank Modiya