By Rachel Simon on November 3rd, 2020

Dear IAPHL Members,

It is the time of virtual conferences. In October, I did a short presentation along with my fellow organization members of the Partnership of Immunization Networks (PIN) at the Technet-21 Conference. In addition, Rachel Simon, our Program Officer, was on hand for the virtual booth presentations and discussions with those interested; and yes, we got some new members. Currently we are beginning to review the scholarship applications for the registration fees for the 2020 SAPICS Virtual Conference. You do still have time to apply! We close off applications on November 12th. If interested, please complete and submit the sponsorship application form here.

As you may know, we have stepped up our social media outreach. For those on Facebook (and who isn’t?), LinkedIn, and Twitter you can find us pretty easily. It is very interesting, that of the three sites, it is the LinkedIn site that is growing the fastest: we now have 1,663 members. We have 1,518 followers on Facebook.

We continued with our Chapter Leader Spotlight Series. We have now added our interviews of Amara Bengali Sesay from Sierra Leone and Joel Kalyoka Simbeye from Zambia. We will post two more interviews this month. Stay tuned and if you have missed any of these short interviews, you can find them on the IAPHL website.

As always, we continue to talk to our donors and potential sponsors. We have completed a final proposal request to a potential donor and we hope to hear back soon. We also want to thank the GHSC organizers for their commitment to become a sponsor.

I will end here with my request that if you have a good idea for a discussion or a webinar, please let us know. I am sure that other members will be interested. It is time to share your experience and ideas with other members worldwide.

Please stay safe,


From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: November 2020