By Rachel Simon on June 2nd, 2021

Dear IAPHL Members,

As summer comes to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and winter to those in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope that each of your country’s battle against Covid-19 is achieving some progress.  I fear that as many of you continue to keep the supply chain wheels rolling to address the “normal” critical health problems, you will have put your stretched energies into the Covid-19 pandemic for much longer than many would have thought.

We have been hearing from individual members and country chapter leaders that as a direct result of the work demands brought on by Covid-19, it is very hard for members to find time to contribute to the community of practice listserv.  With that understanding, we do put out a request for members to do their best to find some time to share their experiences with the thousands of members around the globe.  Sharing ideas and experiences is what makes the community of practice valuable.  And remember, you could earn an IAPHL T-shirt, pin, and pen!

A big thank you for those members who have taken the time to have an interview with our consultant group, ThinkPlace.  I understand there are still some interviews planned and hopefully a few more country focus group interviews.  Please do your best to be on line for those planned Zoom meetings.  As for the survey, it is available for all members in English or French. ThinkPlace has reported that 169 members have completed the survey in English and 18 in French.  In order to be in the drawing for an IPad, surveys have to be completed by June 7th; so don’t wait!

I hope the members are taking the opportunity to learn about our country chapter leaders through the Spotlight series of interviews.  Coming this month will be an interview with Emmanuel Massalley from Liberia and Pasi Sirewu from Zimbabwe.

I want to end by thanking our friends at Empower School of Health for renewing their support for IAPHL at the Gold Sponsorship level.

Wishing you all the best,


From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: June 2021