• Voice Your Opinion in the IAPHL Annual Member Survey!
    Between April 1st-25th, 2014, IAPHL gives members an opportunity to voice their opinions on the IAPHL community experience. Take the short IAPHL Annual Member Survey and you will be entered into a drawing to win a special prize! Read more...
  • Managing Vehicles in Rural Areas
    On March 12th, 2014 IAPHL launched a moderated discussion on the challenges members face related to rural transport logistics. The difficulties associated with managing vehicles in rural areas were considered, along with personal experiences and best practices. This discussion was facilitated by Matthew Hahn of Riders for Health. Read More
  • Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) and the development of a National Essential Medicines List
    On December 23rd, 2013, members discussed how the Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) and the development of a National Essential Medicines List (NEML) could support supply chain management staff. The challenges associated with the process, dissemination, and implementation of these guidelines were considered.This conversation was initiated by Lazarus Dery of the Ghana Health Service. Read more...
  • Strong Health Supply Chains—A Foundation for Family Planning
    The importance of family planning is well-known in the global health community, but without contraceptive products, healthy birth spacing and reproductive choices will continue to be beyond the reach of millions of women and families in the developing world, where 2 in 5 pregnancies are unintended. Read more...
  • Exploring the role of “multiplicity” in public health supply chains
    Throughout September, IAPHL members discussed the role of multiplicity in public health supply chains, and shared experiences that they have had with multiplicity in their own countries. The discussion was facilitated by Alan Bornbusch (USAID) and James Bates (JSI), who recently published a paper about multiplicity in Global Health: Science and Practice.
  • IAPHL at the Global Health Supply Chain Summit
    The 6th annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit took place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in November of 2013. Participants explored and shared the latest emerging trends and tools in today’s global health supply chains with the goal of improving services to the public who rely on them. Representatives and experts from academia, NGOs, country governments, implementing agencies, and donor countries gathered for three days. Read more...
  • Become a Member
    The IAPHL gives a voice to individuals committed and dedicated to improving the availability of quality health products in developing countries. As a member, you become an advocate of the profession from the pharmacist or nurse who manages a small rural clinic to the manager who runs a central warehouse. Join today
  • Free Webinar: mHealth for Logistics: Solving Data Challenges Through Mobile Technology
    Webinar discussion topics included practical aspects of implementing mobile solutions, such as costs and human resources required, to help participants gauge which options can best meet their needs. Presenters: Megan Noel – Mobil forms for data collection, Marasi Mwencha – Developing systems from scratch, Mike Frost – SMS databases for routine reporting, and Leona Rosenblum – Using Customizable Platforms. The event was moderated by Dave Paprocki. To view the 90-minute recording via WebEx and review additional resources, click here