By kpeuquet on October 15th, 2013

Members shared their excitement over IAPHL’s 2,000 member milestone, highlighting how the organization has impacted them professionally. Comments boasted of IAPHL’s strong intellectual community and member driven platform as the basis for the organization’s success.

Original message: “Dear IAPHL colleagues-

Congratulations! With your help, we have built a virtual community of over 2,000 members of supply chain professionals, spanning 107 countries worldwide.

Membership has more than DOUBLED in the past 2 years, and continues to grow at an impressive rate. A strong, diverse and active membership base has always been one of the cornerstones of IAPHL’s success, and we are proud to see that tradition continue.

Join us in marking this milestone by sending your comments:
-on how IAPHL has impacted you professionally and,
-what you value most about IAPHL

As always, we appreciate your contributions to IAPHL and look forward to hearing from you.

The IAPHL Team”

“Congratulations to all IAPHL members worldwide. This virtual community is helping to shape the future of public health supply chains the world over. IAPHL serves as a rich resource for information and I have immensely benefited from discussions held on this forum.” (Matthew Attah, IAPHL member)

“Congratulations indeed! IAPHL is an immensely valuable resource that has become a daily part of our work in shaping public health supply chains. The community provides a unique platform for interaction, discussion, knowledge sharing and networking. Well done to the team and here’s to the next 2000 members!” (Musonda, IAPHL member)

“The IAPHL has been the key link and knowledge gateway for all of us in this forum across the globe. I have particularly learnt a lot from other members of the group on different areas of logistics and supply chain.  Access to information has never been easier than through this forum. Please members refer many more colleagues as possible.” (Graham Wavimbukie, Papua New Guinea)

“Congratulation to all IAPHL members on this wonderful achievement!!!!!! I am so proud of this virtual university. The best of all things is to learn. Money can be stolen, strength may fail, but what you have learned through IAPHL is yours forever. We wish the IAPHL continue to climb and aspire excellence.” (Gilbert Rwangarinda, IAPHL member)

“This virtual community of specialist health professionals is a rich source of practical health information not only on health logistics but also health care delivery. I salute the IAPHL team for their great efforts. I am really proud to be a member of the association.” (Sam Odeleye, South Africa)

“And to all members in Africa and worldwide. I proudly step into this celebration to express the joy of being part of this growing family and educating group. To a similar experience, it has been the one and only I have ever been exposed to. Nowadays, I sit and learn day-by-day on a simple click. It amazing how fast and confident I start and develop conversations subjects through the rich contributions I get from this mechanism. Thank you, thank you, thank you and congrats to the very first one who thought of this. May this brotherhood continue for more than a life time.” (Custodio Mondlane)

“What a true testimony of a seed yielding multiple harvests! This all started as a simple discussion way back early 2007 after a Supply Chain Management Course in South Africa…the facilitators and participants wondered why an association could not be established to keep logisticians networked and abreast of trends….today it is in nations across the world and improving professionals in their fields!

Congratulations especially to those that held the fort, believed in the cause and are now having the pleasure of 2000 members. I see us reaching 100,000 members by year 2020! Yes, we can!” (Anne Ikwang, Nigeria)

IAPHL reaches 2,000 members