By Ogochukwu Anyanwu on February 19th, 2019

Welcome to day 2 of gaming week – a collaboration between JSI and SNTL Publishing with support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

As it stands Mubee is in the lead with a score of 52,000 and the group currently topping the table is Logistimo India Private Ltd.

Keep gaming to increase your chances at winning!

If your organization would also like to form a group and compete, please contact to get a registration code to register under your organization! If you wish to register under the IAPHL group, please refer to the instructions below to create your account.

Instructions to register:

Type in the url:

Enter the registration code: 4850 and click on the “Create account” tab. It will lead you to a page where you can create their profile.

You must enter your Nickname which becomes your login username and how other players will identify you. You must also enter your email address and a password. For subsequent logins, you will not login using a registration code but rather using your email/Nickname and Password. Please remember/note down your email/nickname and password before proceeding

How to play:

Once logged in, you will be directed to the landing page where you will see the System Design for Immunization Supply Chains (iSC). Click on this game.

For the purpose of gaming week and in order to be in the running to win a prize, you should select the Play Along tab. Under the Play Along modality, the server randomly assigns you to a gaming group. You will be playing against your IAPHL colleagues that are online at the same time as you are as well as other participants from other groups.

How the game works:

The game takes the format of multiple choice questions. Each round consists of 6 multiple-choice question. Subsequent sounds are programmed to consist of 60% new questions and 40% repeated questions. You score points for getting questions right as well as how fast you respond. This is captured by the jackpot feature, located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

To maximize your points, you should click on the Jackpot feature prior to answering the question, if you are certain of the correct answer. The fastest player to answer correctly wins all the points in the Jackpot. However, should you answer incorrectly after clicking on the Jackpot, you lose ALL your accumulated points collected during the round.

Remember, the more you play the better your chance of winning!


Day 2: Health Supply Chain Game!