By Rachel Simon on January 10th, 2022

Dear IAPHL Members,

Happy New Year to all.

I hope the holidays were enjoyable and safe.

As we begin a new year, it might be good to look back and review some of our data from 2021:

We added 771 new members.

Nigeria remains the country with the largest amount of members at 1,704.  The other countries in the top 10 are the following:   US at 706, Ethiopia at 384, India at 352, Cameroon at 229, Kenya at 201, Pakistan at 196, Uganda at 167, and Zimbabwe at 153.

Percentage of Members by Continent

  • Africa 69%
  • Asia 12%
  • Europe: 6%
  • South/Central America & Caribbean 1%
  • North America 10%
  • Middle East 1%
  • Oceana 1%

We remain at about 70% men and 30% women.

Our largest sector remains as Public Sector/Government, with the NGO sector second, and strong representation from the Private and Academic sectors.

We now have 26 country chapters.  We added new ones and others have gone dormant, which we hope to revive in 2022.  If you are in a country without a country chapter or one that has gone dormant, you can contact the secretariat at to discuss how to get a chapter going in your country.

We have been able to award small grants to twelve countries with five countries having completed their work under the grant.  We will continue to award some new small grants in 2022.

We have begun to investigate how many of the listserv emails are open by members, and preliminary findings show that each of our emails are opened by about 25% of the members.  I understand that figure puts us in the pretty good category compared to other organizations and companies using email to communicate.

Here are some notes on social media for the year:

LinkedIn continues to be our most popular social media platform. In 2021, the technical figure shows that our engagement rate was 6.68%, showing our members are very active and consistently engage with our content (2% is considered “good”). The LinkedIn group also continues to grow steadily and is currently at 2,050+ members.

IAPHL has also seen growth on Twitter in 2021. We had 112 retweets and over 11,000 tweet views (also referred to as “impressions”) in 2021. This is a significant improvement from 2020:   retweets increased by 124% and tweet views increased by 175%.

We also continue to have members and others engage with us on FACEBOOK and our website.

Other news:

We sponsored 51 members to the Global Health Supply Chain Summit Virtual Conference held on November 7 to 9.  I hope you were able to read some of the submission sharing from our scholarship ambassadors on the listserv.

We were able to offer one webinar in December.  On the 14th of this month, IAPHL held a webinar on e-Learning.  This was an interesting talk from two perspectives: a professional e-learning instructor, and from an e-learning student and professional public health supply chain professional.  As always, if you missed it, you can find it on our website.

Well looking forward to an interesting 2022.  We hope to have a new Advisory Group approved three-year strategy in place by April.  And given that COVID is still with us, I know that our members and what we do remains critical to the world’s health.

Walter Proper, IAPHL Executive Director







From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: January 2022