By kpeuquet on May 31st, 2013

The importance of family planning is well-known in the global health community, but without contraceptive products (condoms, oral pills, intrauterine devices, etc.) healthy birth spacing and reproductive choices will continue to be beyond the reach of millions of women and families in the developing world, where two in five pregnancies are unintended.

The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT’s motto, “No Product, No Program,” speaks to the need of family planning programs to put products in the hands of those who need them. Without strong, resilient health supply chains that deliver products on an ongoing basis, family planning options will not be available; the consequences are preventable maternal and infant deaths, as documented in a new infographic, produced by the project.

By Walter Proper, Director, Public Health (Task Order 4), USAID | DELIVER PROJECT

Strong Health Supply Chains—A Foundation for Family Planning