By kpeuquet on November 6th, 2014

Our November Moderated Discussion will look at the logistics of maintaining laboratory equipment. This serves as a follow up to our earlier discussion on the maintenance of supply chain assets led by Clinton de Souza. In this discussion we will now look specifically at the special needs and challenges of maintaining lab equipment to minimize down time and maximize delivery of important services. We will look at the reasons for developing a laboratory maintenance strategy, how that relates to a national lab policy, and the essential components of each.

Leading the discussion will be Jason Williams of Partnership for Supply Chain Management. (PFSCM). He will be joined by Farouk Umaru the Senior Laboratory Adviser at the SCMS and Patrick Msipa Laboratory Logistics Advisor for the USAID DELIVER PROJECT. We hope that you will participate in the discussion and take advantage of the expertise being provided.

November Moderated Discussion – Maintaining Laboratory Equipment