By Ogochukwu Anyanwu on April 5th, 2019

As you already know, parts of Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe were hit by a major cyclone on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Now, more than ever, these countries can use all the support they can get. Our colleague, Peter Ahabwe Babigumira, provided some helpful links as shown below:

The Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System (GDACS) tracks emergencies and provides a platform where disaster managers can exchange information to coordinate international assistance. The international coordination is done by keeping and updating a roster of logisticians who have acquired logistics humanitarian training certification. Some of these trainings are:

  1. Logistics Cluster Training Programme
  2. Online Courses by the United Nations Department of Safety and Security

Visit Logistics Cluster to read updates on progress made in different countries.

For more information or to offer your support, please contact the following in:


Cyclone Idai Humanitarian Efforts Information