By Rachel Simon on August 9th, 2021

Dear IAPHL Members,

I hope this letter finds you safe and well.

As many of you know, our contractors for the Human Centered Design Assessment concluded their work. The three lucky iPad winners picked from the 300+ who completed the survey on time were announced and should have their iPads in hand soon.  The results of the assessment have now been shard with the Advisory Group and in the coming weeks will be shared with the country chapter leaders and then in summary form with the entire membership.  The assessment results and recommendations spurred on a good discussion among the Advisory Group members.  As we share the results and recommendations with the chapter leaders and the entire membership, I am sure we will continue the vibrant discussion on the way forward for IAPHL.

In addition to holding our Advisory Group Meeting, we held our monthly Chapter Leaders Meeting, one in English and one in French.  The next Chapter Leaders Meeting will be held in English and be for all chapter leaders.

Speaking of chapter leaders, we want to welcome Eomba Motomoke, who is heading up the establishing of our newest chapter in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Many of you will know her as Mama Moto, and the creator of IAPHL.  Look for her Chapter Leader Spotlight interview this month.  We also will be posting my interview with Ricardo Missihoun, who was leading the Benin Country Chapter before moving to DRC.

So that brings us the most active discussion on the listserv currently: Establishing a WhatsApp Group for Humanitarian Logistics.  The Secretariat has been following these submissions closely.  We have also been looking into the pros and cons of using WhatsApp.  What we suggest to do now, is to ask those interested in this Humanitarian Logistics Group to use the already established sub-community forum on the website.  We expect that this group will then have further discussions on the best mechanism for going forward.

How to join the sub-community when you are already an IAPHL member:

  1. Sign in on the website (email and password)
  2. Look under the heading for Sub-communities
  3. Click on Humanitarian Commodities Logistics
  4. In the “Reason to Join” Box, give a short statement of why you wish to join the group
  5. Click “Accept Terms of Engagement” and Join.

Finally, the Secretariat is currently cleaning up its membership records, including duplicate accounts. Please remember that you can update your account email address if you change positions, instead of creating a new account.  If you have any issues, please email


Walter Proper

From the Desk of the ED IAPHL: August 2021