IAPHL has evolved in ways which have far exceeded the expectations of the few who laid its foundation in 2007. By 2014, IAPHL had attracted 1,661 members. By 2017, the association saw rapid growth, adding an additional 2,333 members to reach a total of 4,285 members today. Its reach has broadened to include supply chain management professionals from over 100 countries.

We congratulate all of our colleagues for making IAPHL what it is today on its 10th Anniversary and celebrate each one of our members. We share our common belief in the importance of professionalization for health supply chain managers in strengthening health supply chains and making health products available when and where they are needed to save lives and promote good health.

This is a celebration. It is also a call to action: as the field continues to evolve and grow, we must ensure that we continue to educate each other and that we remain ever committed to enriching the health supply chain management profession.

On this occasion, the IAPHL team thanks USAID for providing unequivocal support to the association through the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and JSI for providing an institutional home for the association, and all our supporters along the way.