The relatively new career field of computer science is naturally in a constant state of evolution, as technology and the opportunities around it grow. The students and professionals who study and work in the field know those opportunities will continue to grow, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a higher than average growth rate for their employment.

Current and future professionals are looking for the most useful information on computer science and the have built open-use guides to help them succeed in their careers and studies. These guides cover core development areas including degree development, financial aid, and advice from experts in the field. The guides are one of the simplest ways to stay up-to-date with the highest quality, most relevant information and opportunities for those in computer science.

Some of their guides are below:

Computer Science Careers Essentials:

Bachelor’s Degree Overview –
Computer Science Career Fundamentals –
Landing a Job in Computer Science –
Financial Aid in Computer Science –

Guides to Help Computer Science Students and Professionals

Guides to Help Computer Science Students and Professionals

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