By Iember Mker on June 6th, 2019

Kudos to the many country chapter leaders who work quietly to drive these IAPHL country chapter activities. We are pleased to share some activities by some of our country chapters.

IAPHL Kenya Chapter Inaugural Meeting

The Kenya chapter had its inaugural meeting on May 3. Many thanks to the chapter leader, Yukabeth Otieno, for organizing the meeting and Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) for providing support.


IAPHL Zimbabwe Chapter Inaugural Meeting and Launch

The Zimbabwe chapter was launched on May 23. Immense thanks to Pasi Sirewu and Witness Hussain for organizing the event and to Plantation Club for providing a venue. The ED, Liz Igharo, was there to witness the event and conducted advocacy visits to organizations. The chapter also elected its leaders as shown below:
 Pasi Sirewu – President
 Benhilda Mainje – Vice President
 Mufudzi Marufu – Moderator

The ED with IAPHL Zambia chapter members

Advocacy Visits to Zambia Central Medical Stores and Medicines Regulatory Authority

The ED visited Zambia to attend the chapter meeting and conduct advocacy visits to organizations. We greatly appreciate Joel Simbeye for organizing the meeting and John Snow Incorporated (JSI) for providing a venue. The chapter confirmed interim leaders to run the affairs of the chapter. Zambia chapter’s leaders are:
 Joel Kalyoka Simbeye – Chairman
 Gamariel Simpungwe – Vice Chairman
 Lukas Msimuko – Moderator
 Maliwa Mushikita – Treasurer

IAPHL Ethiopia Chapter 5th Meeting and 1 Year Anniversary

The Ethiopia chapter had her 5th meeting and 1 year anniversary celebration on May 28. Many thanks to the chapter leaders, Fantaye Teka, who organized the meeting and to PSA for supporting the chapter.

IAPHL Country Chapter Activities