By kpeuquet on July 10th, 2013

Simon Hacker has been working in Damascus for a year now as logistics supervisor for the World Food Program in Syria. He must overcome on a daily basis the logistical nightmare of warehouses getting closed down, hijacked trucks, abducted drivers and struggling to get enough funds to buy food months before it is actually needed so there is always plenty in stock to feed probably up to 4 million people by October . The challenge, Hacker explained, is “how to deal with rapidly changing circumstances” and adapt your strategies on the ground.

In an interview with Devex, the logistics expert admitted that the longer the fighting continues, the more people WFP will have to feed with never enough money from donors, even if the U.N. agency is doing its bast to ramp up its operations in the country.

By Elena L. Pasquini

How to distribute food in Syria’s logistical nightmare