We are happy to announce that we have hired a new executive director for
IAPHL: Elizabeth Igharo

Elizabeth Igharo is an accomplished public health development leader with
over 15 years extensive and successful experience in supply chain
management of medicines and medical supplies in immunization campaigns,
reproductive health, tuberculosis, malaria as well as maternal and new born
health programs. Elizabeth is one of the founding members of IAPHL,
following the 2007 training in South Africa that led to IAPHL’s creation.
She holds a Master’s degree in Public Health. Elizabeth has worked in the
private sector as a co-owner and managing director of a pharmacy, as an
educator in the public school system of Nigeria, and in various positions
in an international NGO supporting government ministries of health to
develop and improve their public health supply chains. She has also
presented on public health supply chains at numerous conferences around the

Please welcome our new Executive Director, Elizabeth Igharo, as she takes
up her new position based in Abuja, Nigeria.

New IAPHL Executive Director